FirstAidKit Artwork

Evangeline McGlynn emcglynn at
Tue Dec 2 15:58:56 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 14:00 +0000, María Leandro wrote:
> this is the blue try:
> the guys we're happy with this last one (blue) and they're checking
> out all the colors.


This all looks very nice, especially what I think is your most recent
The much more conservative use of gradients here makes it look more
professional.  Though I would personally prefer a green or a blue for
the final, I like your orange version because you use a darker, richer
shade than in your other versions.  That is, even if you choose blue, it
should probably not be the really bright (enhanced by the sharp
gradient) blue you use here:

My main criticism involves the type.  I just don't see this very thin,
very open typeface as the right one for the job here.  Though I don't
particularly mind the connecting letters like Henrik does (ok, I don't
mind the t/d or t/k, but the i/A may be a little much), but the
difference between the bold K and all the other letters does not look
very nice.  Further, the spacing between letters is a little jarring, in
that the F from First seems almost isolated (Fi is bound to be a little
more open, true) from the rest when you crunch together First/kit on the
top, Aid/kit on the bottom, and the ki from kit.  I think these problems
would be better solved with a different typeface than messing with the
kerning yourself.  I might try something simpler and blockier at first,
but I'm sure it will take some experimenting.  I'm sure you'll come up
with something great.
On a side note, is there a reason the k in kit is bold?  Do the
developers want to highlight the kit part or was that just to balance it
out when you decided that kit should take up two lines?  Also, the k in
kit is lowercase while the F in First and the A in Aid are not.  Is
there similar reasoning behind that?  I don't think the second thing
creates any problems, just curious if that was a name thing or a design

Also, maybe a neatline around the rectangle on the bottom image to
tighten it up.

Really though, it looks very, very nice, and I look forward to seeing
what the final version ends up being.  It sounds like you already have a
happy customer in jgranados.


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