[Echo] Making final decisions about perspective

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 18:35:25 UTC 2008


First sorry for not hearing from me for such a long time - I don't have
much spare time lately... 

Next, I think we need to make final decisions about the new perspective
to Echo and update the guidelines appropriately. My ideas about this can
be summarized as follows:

We will start new Echo Perspective icon theme which will
 * be developed in parallel to the current Echo
 * until it reaches good enough coverage, it will fallback to current
   Echo and gnome-icon-theme
 * use same Perspective Projection as in tango/mango for 32x32 icons and
   bigger, and in cases where it helps icon distinction in smaller
   sizes as well, Flat Perspective will be used for the rest
 * allow small amount of glows/glazes/shines in 256x256 version
   to achieve better realistic look
 * use ~ 1 px thick solid borders at *all* sizes

Apart from that I'd like to chose the final design for monitor (keyboard
is not yet prepared), folders and trash. You can see the candidates
(there aren't many) at the wiki page dedicated for this purpose [1]. If
you still wish to add your candidate - the design does *not* need to be
complete for that purpose - you still have time. I hereby announce the
closing date for adding your candidates is 24.12.2008 (though I don't
expect many people working on this particular date). We will then decide
the which designs we will use and the results will be officially
announced in the next Echo Monthly News issue (whose November's issue I
skiped due to lack of time and enough content).

Finally I'd like to propose, and add it to our guidelines, that we allow
small amount of bitmap post-processing in our icons under these
 * the post-processed bitmap must look closely similar to the original
 * the post-processing used must be fully reproducible using either
   ImageMagick or gimp and must be documented
 * only steps that can be automated must be used

Your comments on all theses matters are welcome.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/EchoIconTheme/Perspective

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