Artwork for x86_64 Live CDs and Install DVDs for North America

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Mon Dec 22 17:34:16 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I was perusing the Media Art page today looking for label and sleeve
art for the x86_64 architecture.  NA is ordering LiveCDs and Install
DVDs for these arches in addition to the x86 media.  My concern is
that there is not any artwork for the x86_64 architecture on the wiki
as of yet.

per this discussion:

There was a follow-up in irc #fedora-ambassadors (unfortunately, I
don't have the log of the info off-hand, I'll try to find it)
discussing the labeling for x86 vs x86_64.  I believe the results

x86:  For Intel compatible PC's
x86_64: For 64-bit Intel compatible PC's

I'm planning to take the labels / sleeves from the F10 Media Art
page[1] and update them to include new scribus, pdf and eps versions
for the 64-bit arch.  I should have the new media art up by tomorrow
evening at the latest.  As soon as I have this art, I'll follow-up
asking for a few +1s so we can pass them onto the media company.  If
anyone can get them up faster, I would love the help, just let me



For those not familiar with this discussion, I wanted to make sure the
reasoning is explained here.  Many computers in NA (and EMEA as I
understand it) are now shipping 64-bit processors.  Most manufacturers
are moving away from the 32-bit model.  The thing is, that while the
32-bit spins will work on 64-bit machines, they are not taking full
advantage.  Because of this, NA decided to ship 64-bit as well as
32-bit media.  The cost of media has been reduced and thus we are able
to produce more media for less cost.

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