Art ideas for Fedora 11 (grub, boot, splashes, window decorations, button styles etc...)

Mark markg85 at
Mon Dec 22 22:55:15 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 11:53 PM, Mark <markg85 at> wrote:
> Hey,
> I was just looking through the art list for once in a while again and
> i would like to suggest some ideas i have for fedora 11. Just to see
> if they are possible to get in or if they don't even make a chance.
> My idea for the general theme is to go back to the old fedora days.
> fedora 1, 2, 3 and 4 and base a theme on that style.
> Then that style has to be visible everywhere throughout fedora:
> - Grub
> - Boot
> - Splashes (kde, gnome etc...)
> - Window Decorations (reed WIN-DEC)
> - Button styles
> Fedora has Nodoka for a few releases now but everytime i see fedora
> again i feel like i want to go back to the old theme of the first four
> fedora releases. That theme wasn't bad and looked very good.
> I am actually now downloading Fedora Core 4 to see how all looked
> exactly. To refresh everyone's mind. here is a screenshot tour.
> now i'm NOT suggesting to "re-use" that theme in the same style but
> just to create a new theme based on those colors.
> So what do you think about this?
> Is it worth starting to make mockups?

Btw if you want to download Fedora Core 4 as well: (one of the only
reasonable good links i could find)

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