[ASAP] Can anyone please send me these three screenshots?

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 01:36:04 UTC 2008

2008/12/20 susmit shannigrahi <thinklinux.ssh at gmail.com>:
> Can anyone please send me a high resolution version of the three
> screenshots embedded in the frontpage of the attched picture, namely a
> plymouth screenshot, a login screen picture , a desktop screenshot.
> Never mind the stretched design..I shall take care of that.
> Thanks for your help.
> --
> Regards,
> Susmit.

If you have Fedora 10 installed your really better of making the
screenshots yourself because of the resolutions.
If you don't have Fedora download the DVD or the Gnome live cd (where
you have to install KDE as well for one of the shots).
Install it in a vmware session (or Sun's VirtualBox which is good as well).
The screenshots in the image are (from top to bottom):

1. KDE Splash screen
2. Fedora Login screen (GDM)
3. Default fedora gnome screen

Good luck.

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