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Postprocessing in icons?


As I am working on the new Trash Can icon for the Echo Icon Theme, I was
wondering whether it would be acceptable to use small amount of
post-processing in the icon themes. If so, I'd probably implement it to
the echo-artist scripts so that the PNGs would be easily reproduced from
the source SVGs. 

My reason for this is that while I am unable to achieve, to my eye,
perfect antialiasing in some cases when using direct export in inkscape,
but after exporting it in bigger size applying some filters and resizing
to desired size I am able to achieve, to my eye, better results. 

What I particularly have in mind is ability to export the icons using
higher resolution, and work with that image as a source. Allowing some
more complex resize filters (like lanczos) and simple filters like
gaussian blur or some sharpening filter would be probably enough for the
purpose of making the icons look better.

I attach comparison images, user-trash-np.png is directly exported from
inkscape, user-trash-pp.png is post-processed using gimp (exported 4x
bigger, applied gaussian blur with radius 3.0 and resized using lanzcos
to final size). The difference is subtle, but at least on my display the
improvement, especially in the 32x32 size, is apparent.

Do you think such a difference is worth the effort? Is it desirable?


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