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Fedora Design & Creative Team (Art Team reorg?)

Hi folks,

Just an idea:

The Fedora Art Team's name and focus is more on artwork than UI design. Folks in Fedora who need help with UI design or potential contributors who want to help out with UI design might not necessarily link those kinds of tasks to an art team so they might be a bit lost. What if we renamed the art team to be the 'Fedora Design & Creative Team,' and the art team as it is now would be a subgroup of this new design team? Under a 'design' banner, it might be easier for developers seeking out UI design advice to know where to go, and for community UI designers to find a home / a place to get involved.

It would be a little strange I think to form a separate 'design' or 'UI design' team from the art team, because I think the two need to work close together to work well, and I don't think the usability SIG is really appropriate - usability is more the QA of UI design work, you know? Although maybe the usability SIG could be incorporated into a larger design team as well...

In #fedora-art earlier today, we were thinking "Design & Creative" would be good, because design represents the emphasis on following good design practices and ability to work on UI design work, while creative can encompass the typical branding and artwork tasks we take on as well as perhaps in the future expand to sound and video work. Maybe it could be 'Fedora Creative Design Team' to emphasize the nature of the design work we do (e.g. we're not designing software architecture or anything like that.)

I was wondering what other art team members think of this idea and if they would be willing to support a renaming of the team and this explicit broadening of our scope?


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