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Gerold gerold at
Mon Feb 4 08:07:28 UTC 2008


Nicu, you're one of the guys who do a lot of and imho great work for us ...

I don't want to beat you down :-)

As written; I only wondered, see that modification of the logo and thought
I missed something; what can really happen (why not?) *g*

So feel free and modify again; you're Art-Team, me is only a small German
Ambassador who needs some times a lot of things from the Art-Team

Wish you a nice week-start


> Gerold Kassube wrote:
>> please excuse, but I have a basicly question because of the logo which
>> is shown on the page ...
>> Have we changed it in that way like Nico did, or did I miss that part?
>> If not, I'll ask if its allowed to do so, manipulating a given
>> "brand" ...
> It was my own unauthorized modification. Feel free to beat me over my
> head with the logo usage guidelines :p and remove the submission if I
> was wrong.
> My idea was to provide a version for the cheapest possible printing,
> with just one single color (the printing price is directly related to
> the number of colors). Maybe I'll try an alternate version using some
> kind of dithering for light blue.
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