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Mon Feb 4 21:38:43 UTC 2008


the Februrary/March is the time of many events in Europe (FOSDEM, CLT, 
OpenExpo, FOD2008)

On Linuxtag2007 we produced some huge textile banner and generic Fedora 
Posters. The Banners worked well, but the generic Posters not, because the 
visitors (and to be honest i also) did´nt like it very much.

We think the blue area is to big for a Poster.
Now we decided on FAD2007, that we need generic Posters (10MB) written somewhere on Page27
- we want print them on robust rubber foil (don´t know if this the right word) 
so we can use it more often and not only for one release.

So here is my question, could you provide us a generic Posterdesign for Size 
Who is able to make a generic Poster template till 12.02.08?

My suggestion to put the design(s) to

Thanks Joerg
Jörg Simon
jsimon at
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