Echo future (was: echo icons should not be provided...)

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Tue Feb 5 23:30:24 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 23:06 +0100, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
> Martin Sourada wrote:
> Easier would be making tango-compiliant theme to play well with GNOME apps.
That would be pointless. We are offering an alternative that is
stylistically (coincidentally) in between the tango style and oxygen
style. I personally think that Echo can work quite good together (to
some extent) with both, while tango and oxygen really don't work
together at all...

> Some apps are using hardcoded pixmaps, but better are tangoish, than 
> old-GNOME-1.x.
Hard-coded pixmaps are bad, if you keep fillings bugs about those, the
situation might improve for all the people trying to make their own icon
themes (and guessing from look at there are a lot of

> You cannot theme them, so style will be mixing.
Yep and that's bad. Not everyone likes
tango/oxygen/echo/bluecurve/whatever and we need to make it possible for
people to use whatever theme they like but with consistent look
throughout the desktop.

> I'm said you decided to create icon theme from 0...
Nope, we decided to build up a theme around the basis started as a
personal project by former Red Hat employee Diana Fong which happened to
be quite liked by the fedora community but was far from complete and
partially inconsistent (which still is, though now at least we have the
guidelines and created a lot new icons since then)...

But like I said before, while Echo icon theme has a lot of fans and
followers we are short of contributors, which slows down the development
to such extent that every now and then people question the possibility
of it ever being complete. 

When I have some more time (probably after a week or two) I plan to try
to attract new contributors in the, but who knows if it
will work... We certainly need some more publicity for
might-be-interested-people to notice that we might need their help. (and
of course any ideas/suggestions/actions in that way is appreciated as I
am not really experienced in that filed, though it worked for the Nodoka
in past [at least to speed up the most needed part of making the fork of
the murrine engine]...).

But also, we need to improve the infrastructure as well, the ToDo page
is outdated, and we need to expand it more (mostly in the field of
reviewing existing icons for guidelines violations) and start going
through the schedule for 0.4 release which aims to be so much complete
as to be able to be set as default icon theme. There is hell a lot of
work and I have serious doubts about being it done even for F10 given
there are currently only two of us actively participating in that (with
some occasional appreciated efforts from Mark).

And I personally think, you being one of the persons who like pursuing
issues, you could probably help a lot with making the ToDo page, given
that you already listed some of that in your tickets and here on

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