Just FYI... LWN subscription request lottery is underway

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 23:42:46 UTC 2008

Just in case you art people didn't see the announcement....

if you have an active FAS account and want a subscription to LWN,
we're holding a lottery for ~75 subscriptions.

Even if you already have your own LWN subscription, you can give me
the LWN account name of another person, just as long as you do so
using your name and your fas account.

Details here:

And I want you guys thinking about how you'd like to recognize
contributors in your corner of the Fedora Project.  I will be putting
a proposal together on how we can organize a recognition framework in
which different subprojects can plugin using their own recognition
criteria, bounded by some general policy that applies Fedora wide.  So
be thinking about it, so when my proposal lands you'll be ready to be
part of that discussion from your pov.


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