Marketing Collateral Design Request

John Babich jmbabich at
Wed Feb 27 20:58:22 UTC 2008

Fedora Art Team:

Inspired by the incredibly long and rambling thread on Ubuntu
Marketing, centering upon Ubuntu Cola, the UK's First Freetrade Cola,
and lack of sleep, the idea arose while a group of us were
free-associating after a Fedora Docs meeting.

How about a poster promoting a new marketing idea?

Fedora Sparkling Water - pure and unencumbered - close to the source

We could design a poster, bottle label, coasters, wallpaper, etc. - a
complete faux promotional campaign.

Final note of caution: Of course, if we actually get around to
producing real bottles of water, we may need to forget about
"sparkling", since that might be too expensive to produce. (There's
that nasty voice of reason chirping up again.)

Just the rantings of a tired mind - or not...?

Best Regards,

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Project

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