[Round 3] Alternative wallpapers for Sulphuric Waves

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Fri Feb 29 20:35:06 UTC 2008

Martin Sourada wrote:
> I can't help it, but the flames look strange. They're drawn nicely, but
> the positioning is a little bit unreal. Considering that flame is
> basically hot plasma + hot air, its direction is usually upwards facing,
> only when (electro-)magnetic field or air flow is present the direction
> differs. The way they are drawn now is nearly impossible to be caused by
> air flow and hard to achieve by magnetic fields... So I went ahead and
> joined the two flames together which makes them look less out of
> reality...
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/F9Themes/Waves#head-42fe387ad8277d60f20733072b9ba8bd535742ea

AWESOME! I think this lokos great! What do you think, Jeff?


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