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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Fri Feb 15 09:23:04 UTC 2008


for those not following Echo recently I decided to summarise the recent

First, it is worth noting, that the Echo icon theme homepage moved to
[1], which is a result of changes. The certificate is
now signed for fh.o so it should work nicely even with the new firefox's
security policy. The git repository's web interface is at [2] and in the
future we will release source archives in [3] (currently empty).

Second, the homepage itself undergone some changes and more will come.
More specifically we have prepared new Status page [4] which pulls the
latest icons from git and is easily regenerated from sources, so that we
can update it whenever new icon is added/removed that is not listed yet.

For tracking progress we have created single page [5] and that's the
page you are going first if you'd like to create icon and the page you
are going to edit when you are creating an icon. Yes, it's the page
where developers are supposed to note what icons are they working on.

The page for ToDo [6] is currently quite empty, but lists what items
needs to be added. In the feature it will serve as our main page for
tracking the most needed icons to create or modify.

Next, and most importantly, we have a final version of the Echo
guidelines [7]. This is so much important because stable guidelines for
icon creating are crucial thing - you need to know how your icon is
supposed to look like and such a guidelines helps a lot in that.

And what are we doing now? I am currently working on the
package-x-generic icon, preview is located at [8], and on the go-*
icons, preview is located at [9], and media-* icons, no preview is
available yet.

And, finally, what is supposed to happen in the near future? Well, I
hope to make some progress with the ToDo page [6]. Also it would be
great if we could attract more contributors, as for me and Luya it is
quite a lot of work and as a result the progress is rather slow. 

Once the go-* and media-* icons are finished and pushed to git, we'll
release new version (thanks to a lot of changes) and it will be the
first release available for download from the new location [3].

The Echo-related wiki pages on also need some updates,
because there is a lot of obsolete information and is sometimes a bit
misleading as to how the Echo progress is going on.

I hope this report helps clearing any questions you might have regarding
the Echo development and I hope to hear from you. As you might noticed
in this report, if you are willing to help but don't have the needed
graphical skills, you can still help with the infrastructure (e.g.
working on the wiki pages).

Thanks for your time,


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