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Re: Subtle style

Nicu Buculei pisze:
Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek wrote:
I absolutely hate only one:
the face browser login.

Yeah, their face browser mockup login is ugly ^^ .

But that is the least relevant, the new gdm
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/NewGdm) change the way that
screen is themed, only the background is customizable.

Only background? Possible to change in some GDM-configuration program?

I don't wanted to show that's better. It's just inspiration for you to
create (another) great theme for upcoming release.

We are now in Round 3, where we are supposed to finish the proposals
from Round 2, new ideas are to be submitted in Round 1

Proposals from round 2 aren't satisfying in my opinion. In previous editions, the mockups were better.

SUSE is easily recognizeable because of this gecko. We do not have
such thing :( .

We do not have such a thing for one of the following reasons:
- we, as a team, were not able to come with something good enough:
- the larger community didn't identify this as an useful feature
- the timing for that initiative was not good

Yes, we haven't something good... We have only logo, but logo is standard.

I think about the infinity sign. It can be our sign... But it's not unique...

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