Draft Schedule for F9

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Fri Jan 4 01:04:06 UTC 2008

All re-factored here:

Yes, I realize these reports aren't that pleasing to the eye, but they 
generate easier than the pdf i previously posted.  If someone so desired 
I wouldn't turn down CSS help :)

Máirín Duffy said the following on 12/26/2007 03:24 PM Pacific Time:
> Hi John,
> Thanks for your work on the schedule! Here is all the feedback I can
> think of:
> - getting the CD/DVD label and box design artwork ready for the printer
> took around 3 weeks this go around. Hopefully, since we will have the
> same printer next time and because we were able to develop a color
> profile with them for printing, that could probably be 2 weeks for F9.
> (iow, actually coming up with the design and then preparing the design
> for the printer are two kind of different tasks)

As stab in the dark I made each task 1 week.  Should this be different?

> - there isn't too much room in the schedule for 'bugfixing'. For
> example, in F8 we went back and added the hostname to the GDM theme
> because it somehow had been omitted. Since we're pushing to get the
> artwork into the  beta we might get a lot more feedback and "bugs" to
> address. I guess I don't see too much room in the schedule for that though?

I'm not sure what to change.  Shall we see what happens and remember to
build our experience into the Fedora 10 schedule?

> - banner creation for marketing having 2 weeks is probably a bit much, 1
> week is prolly fine.

Changed to 1 week

> - As Nicu mentioned already, there are a lot of subtasks to the theming
> process. Here are the subtasks that may be worth noting on the schedule:
> -- Round 1:
>    - theme proposal wiki page created
>    - theme proposal announcement sent out
>    - 3 conceptual sketches completed

added--please advise on correct durations

> -- Round 2:
>    - theme wallpaper draft completed
>    - vertically long supporting artwork completed
>    - horizontally long supporting artwork completed
>    - square supporting artwork completed

added--are these all completed in parallel?

> -- Round 3:
>    - fullscreen splash for syslinux
>    - square splash for anaconda and firstboot
>    - anaconda horizontal header
>    - firstboot vertical header
>    - fullscreen grub splash
>    - bootup/loading graphics (new rhgb coming for f9?)
>    - fullscreen splash for gdm (new gdm, only wallpaper image needed)
>    - kdm login screen theme
>    - gnome splash screen
>    - kde splash screen
>    - gnome screensaver lock dialog

added--are these all completed in parallel?

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