Nodoka 0.7 beta 1 released

David Nielsen david at
Sat Jan 5 19:53:24 UTC 2008

Em Sáb, 2008-01-05 às 20:21 +0100, Jakub 'Livio' Rusinek escreveu:
> Firefox 3 had nice interface to add exceptions without opening
> "Preferences". It was changed some time ago and now Firefox tells "open
> Preferences and add an exception". That's unusable... I liked FF3 very
> much until they modified this behaviour.

Yes, thank you Mozilla for making this so retarded. I understand
security is important but the first time this I had to figure out the
atrocious Firefox preference dialogs and how to add an exception. 

I want that hour of my life back. 

- David *I'm not into BDSM.. please how many times do I have to explain
that Mozilla?* Nielsen
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