Nodoka 0.7 beta 1 released

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Sat Jan 5 21:46:27 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 20:00 +0100, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> Hey :)
> A few opinions on it. I haven't commented on every change because that
> would be dull boring for everyone reading "awesome" a lot :)
> On Sat, 2008-01-05 at 18:31 +0100, Martin Sourada wrote:
> > Hi all, 
> > 
> > I've just released Nodoka 0.7 beta 1 [1], which is first major step
> > towards Nodoka 0.7 stable and as such I'll package it for rawhide for
> > testing.
> > 
> > The changes from 0.6.1 (latest stable) are:
> >         * Scroll Bars redesign
> I like these very much! Really nice width and look very sleek - much
> more than Oxygen scroll bars (though I like the solid colour on Oxygen),
> might be cool if they were a more solid colour when you hover them too
> but that's my opinion (lol this is art right, it's all going to be
> subjective!)
If I take your meaning right, it's as simple as changing one option in
the gtkrc file... So everyone can experiment with this and post his e.g.
results here.

Currently it's set for all widgets with button styling in the default
theme with this setting:

bg[PRELIGHT] =  mix(0.90, shade (1.05, at bg_color), @selected_bg_color)

> >         * New code for drawing Tabs (more efficient)
> >         * Removed separator from Option Menu (I'm still not sure if it
> >         is for good or for bad)
> I'm not sure about this either - although it differentiates it from a
> combo box it maybe looks incosistent?
A little... IMHO we have only to ways to go in the final release -
disable it for both or enable it for both...

> >         * New extra gtk themes (Nodoka-Aqua, Nodoka-Gilouche,
> >         Nodoka-Looks, Nodoka-Midnight, Nodoka-Silver, Nodoka-Rounded,
> >         Nodoka-Squared)
> I really like the idea of the midnight version...only thing is it looks
> a little bit messy in real world use - maybe this can't be helped with
> this palette, probably not going to be so subtle as the others. 
> I can post a screen shot of where I think this is particularly obvious
> if you like, or you could try it in a busy evolution window yourself...
> Two feature requests as well, maybe you're interested in doing this at
> some point, or maybe there's a better place to post them? Better theme
> for the panels would be *awesome*, i.e. something other than plain grey;
> also, maybe a slightly more interesting look for the menus, rather than
> just boxes? I don't even know if these are possible! 
As for the menu it is possible... If only I had some idea... About the
panel, I still didn't have enough time to explore this area, but from
try with many different themes that implement different than plain
colour on the panel it seems a bit buggy, especially when a user decides
to make one of his panels transparent... 

I believe Clearlooks guys are going to venture to this area in some of
the next gnome releases and as they are from the gnome team itself they
ought to know best how to make it possible.

The best place to ask for adding features is in Nodoka trac ticket
system [1]. I believe I opened the ticket system so that it's usable
even for unauthorised people, so everyone can open/comment tickets.

And best place to submit and discuss sketches of what might the changes
be, prior to submitting a RFE/Feature Request, is this list ;-)

> All in all, great work :) 
> Best wishes,
> Jon


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