Any update on the Echo icon theme status list (and the todo list)

Mark markg85 at
Thu Jan 10 22:50:16 UTC 2008

2008/1/10, Luya Tshimbalanga <luya_tfz at>:
> Here is the page:
> Yes, the menu is not up to date yet. There are some small change in
> rawhide but not worth to get a major change yet.
> Luya

Thanx for that.
And is the echo icon git repository up to date?

The icons i want to give a try:
software-installer/updater (third or fourth attempt.. i keep trying this one)
package(zip/bzip(2)/tar/rar/arj etc) icons
new login (idea: 1. a user icon in front of a screen or 2. a lock in
front of a screen)
all selinux icons (new star + wall? (like in fireWALL)
wine icons (not on the list)

I can't promise that i make any of those.. i will just give it a try
and hope to show something in the coming days.


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