Round 1

Laith Juwaidah ljuwaida at
Fri Jan 11 10:54:23 UTC 2008

I have an idea, since we don't want the code to be put on the screen because 
that'll comprimise the user's privacy, and all, why don't we create a small 
pattern that'll change the background depending on the code, well, parts of 
the code.
I don't know how the code looks like but I'll just assume it's something like 
this: 67c1e19532a4c47461486a5d8ad3ac74 (which is "Fedora 9"'s md5sum :D
In this case we can create an algorithm that does the following (it's just an 
1. Takes the first 3 digits as a HEX number and % it by 360 and then rotate 
the shape that many degrees.
2. Take the fourth and the fivth digits and increase the R by the amount of 
the fourth digit if the fifth digit % 2 is positive.
3. Take the sixth and the seventh digits and do the same for G.
4. Take the eighth and the ninth digits and do the same for B.

This way, the usrer's privacy won't be comprimised, and we can still brag 
about giving the users different backgrounds, which is somethig that no other 
distro have done (just a guess).

What do you think?

Laith Juwaidah

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