Round 1

Gerold gerold at
Fri Jan 11 12:25:01 UTC 2008

> I have an idea, since we don't want the code to be put on the screen
> because
> that'll comprimise the user's privacy, and all, why don't we create a
> small
> pattern that'll change the background depending on the code, well, parts
> of
> the code.
> I don't know how the code looks like but I'll just assume it's something
> like
> this: 67c1e19532a4c47461486a5d8ad3ac74 (which is "Fedora 9"'s md5sum :D
> In this case we can create an algorithm that does the following (it's just
> an
> example):
> 1. Takes the first 3 digits as a HEX number and % it by 360 and then
> rotate
> the shape that many degrees.
> 2. Take the fourth and the fivth digits and increase the R by the amount
> of
> the fourth digit if the fifth digit % 2 is positive.
> 3. Take the sixth and the seventh digits and do the same for G.
> 4. Take the eighth and the ninth digits and do the same for B.
> etc...
> This way, the usrer's privacy won't be comprimised, and we can still brag
> about giving the users different backgrounds, which is somethig that no
> other
> distro have done (just a guess).
> What do you think?
I think every "goodie" which makes the maschine (a little more) unique is
good, the user who sits in front of the maschine think and maybe say:
"HEY, this is MY 'number' nobody else in the world has this
Wallpaper/Background like me ..."
but he will find several other Fedora user which have a likewise. This
identifies you then to be part of a greater community :-)

Just my thoughts


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