[Project] To save the graphic memory of Fedora

Couret Charles-Antoine cacouret at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 18 23:20:55 UTC 2008

My name is Charles-Antoine Couret and I am French. I joined Fedora since 
his 3rd version. And I must acknowledge to re-examine screenshots today 
preceding versions give me nostalgia, to re-examine the first step under 
GNU/Linux what is moving. And I only doubt being. It is for that that 
with some people one had the idea of assembled this project, to 
safeguard the visual identity of Fedora. Who is amongst other things an 
inheritance important for els old but also the new ones who discovers 
Fedora, a certain identity is reflected by this inheritance.

You do a formidable work of version in version with extraordinary 
topics. Only, one cannot replace the emotion which the old topics nor 
the history gets. It is thus for that that one wants to safeguard all 
the visual identity of Fedora of each version, the wallpapers while 
passing by GRUB and to the loading of Fedora and even Anaconda. And in 
more one wants to provide the possibility of employing them out the box 
in the future versions of Fedora without making several handling it to 
have complete. Some will say that there exists bluecurve theme for 
example in YUM what is true. Only it is incomplete, it misses for 
example the wallpaper. But also one arrives at an obvious conclusion, 
current technology does not allow to easily change the image of GRUB or 
of the loading of Fedora even Anaconda, one would like to benefit from 
it to create - so possible the tools necessary making the unit possible.

Let us not forget that Fedora wants to be with the point of technology, 
and the strong advantage of GNU/Linux it is personalization until the 
end, these tools would make it possible to prove these truths. I am 
unaware of if I made well propose here, but I make Al suggestion of it, 
in the worst case I would see on another mailing-list for this part.

This project in the long term would have - in my opinion to be 
integrated by defect in the higher versions for the reasons stated 
higher. One could then occupy oneself of the integration of these topics 
which for example in KDE is still badly made (change in the icons and 
the possibilities giving of the buttons without icons for example). 
Finally one will see that at the desired time.

I know that this project is not so useful only that, at least much 
priority than the topic of Fedora 9 which mobilizes you. But I hold so 
that you know it, to have of the assistance but also and especially, to 
officialize the project and to hope in the long term to make it official 
for a future integration of the unit.
Though it is I thank you and I wish you a good continuation.
Charles-Antoine Couret.

PS : the topic start the project : 
http://forums.fedora-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=28409 (language French)

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