Round 2 Deadline is Feb 5th!! (was Re: Round 2 status?)

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Tue Jan 22 15:38:56 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
>> What is the final verdict? The lack of announcement of Round is 
>> worrisome.
> I listed the entries which follow the requirements, so those are initial 
> entries for Round 2.
> Now is time for their authors and other members of the team to expand 
> upon them, until they meet the requirements for Round 2, hopefully 
> considering the feedback received so far.
> The deadline for Round 2 is 5 February, until then the themed in Round 1 
> have to get (quoting Mo): "at least 1 wallpaper and 3 supporting 
> graphics - one that is horizontally long, one that is vertically long, 
> and one that is square in design".
> Those that will would enter Round 3, the other not.
> So *now* is the time to create more polished wallpapers and supporting 
> graphics.
> Even if your proposal was not well received in Round 1, if you have 
> strong feelings about it, add polish, even change the look a bit, and it 
> may be better received in Round 

Thanks Nicu for picking up my slack! I apologize I haven't been more 
vocal here, I have been away for the past week+. Round 2 is definitely 
on right now, and our current deadline for round 2 is February 5th.


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