A Thought About F9 Artwork

Máirín Duffy duffy at redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 18:25:43 UTC 2008

Valent Turkovic wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> Hi Valent,
>> Valent Turkovic wrote:
>>> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>>>> Whenever we try anything that is !blue, we get a whole lot of negative
>>>> feedback. People like to look at the colors far more symbolically than
>>>> they should I think.
>>>> ~m
>>> I don't like opensuse in particular but they have made a break from 
>>> blue in latest release  - now its green, and it looks great! I would 
>>> love to see Fedora !blue for at least one release - it would be 
>>> refreshing.
>> Everyone has their own personal tastes and opinions on the artwork. 
>> Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of those folks actually 
>> contribute to the artwork. If you would like to truly influence the 
>> artwork though, you will need to take a more active, participatory 
>> role on the art team.
> It have the ability to bring some really talented people to fedora and 
> they will contribute, but they use proprietary tools (photoshop and the 
> like). Is that forbidden to use non OSS apps in making fedora themes? I 
> heard that before in some post but I wasn't sure so please clarify.

I think Nicu or someone else has already answered this by now, but - We 
would prefer artwork to be created using the free and open source tools 
which are in many cases installable on most operating systems besides 
Fedora. There is no hard rule saying they must, though, although we have 
faced great criticism from within and from outside of the Fedora 
community for older Fedora versions featuring artwork that was not 
created using FOSS tools. My preference would be for the artwork to be 
created in FOSS tools since the learning curve is not that high and the 
tools are free and embody all the principles that Fedora is about. There 
is really no excuse.

That doesn't really have much to do with what we were talking about, though.


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