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Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 18:47:42 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 08:58 -0900, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Jan 22, 2008 7:52 AM, Colby Hoke <choke at redhat.com> wrote:
> > Thanks to a suggestion from Nicu Buculei, I've joined this list mostly
> > out of interest in an Art Studio spin of Fedora. I've been working with
> > gdk and jspaleta on getting a Fedora repo-ready version of Kino out
> > there for people to make their own videos in the Fedora world.
> Now that fedoratv is public knowledge let's take a moment and re-cap
> where things stand on what we've been poking at.
> Fedoratv needs work, but its basically where we want to drive Fedora
> related content as a place to dogfood open codecs associated tools by
> generating our own project relevant content. Open media isn't going to
> get better until we have a real reason to use it. Fedoratv will be the
> open service where the Fedora's media needs will be met.
> But Fedoratv is just the service, we also need to make client side
> video editting an out-of-box reality. It doesn't have to be perfect,
> it just has to be good enough so that people can edit content for
> consumption on fedoratv.  Let me explain what we need to be able to
> ship out-of-the-box in Fedora on the clientside.
> 1)reliable dv camera capture for some subset of camera hardware
> 2)kino as the default dv video editor which can export into ogg theora
> video for upload to fedoratv
> Okay so where are the problems:
> First... firewire and dv cameras.  There have been some technical
> problems with the new kernel firewire stack which have seen
> improvement in update f8 kernels.
> Speaking of which, Colby, does firewire dv capture work for you in the
> latest f8 kernels?
> A basic stripped down kino which can take raw dv and export to theora
> is absolutely doable.
> You don't get access to control over interlacing (via gst-ffmpeg
> plugin) and other things which semi-profession video people will want.
> But for basic community web content, it will export theora with a
> vorbis audio stream.  On top of that if ffmpeg is on the system kino
> is smart enough to see it and enable more export options.
> The only problem is, we've no out-of-the-box way to convert use theora
> video clips as source material in kino.  Kino internally uses dv, and
> through the magic of ffmpeg it can import other formats and convert
> them internally to dv.  The problem is we don't have a Fedora
> shippable way to convert theora to dv, as far as I can tell.  And
> that's a problem.  It would be extremely useful if people could take
> theora screencasts as source material into kino to mix with dv
> footage, and re-export as theora again.
> Yes, yes.. video purist out there are cringing at the thought of
> mixing dv and compressed video, but the goal here is good enough for
> fedoratv.. not good enough for professional sport drink commercials.
> The state of video is such that we can't wait for a profession quality
> open editor tool to fall out of the sky. We have to start here, and
> then find people willing to take up the challenge to create the next
> generation of open editting tools so we can produce even better
> content.
> So how do we get theora vids converted to dv for kino to use as source
> material? I do not know.  Stripping down a version of ffmpeg as
> something shippable in fedora is a near impossible task, and would
> require legal review regardless.   I haven't found an existing
> gstreamer plugin that lets me do it that could in the future be
> promoted to 'good' and shipped in fedora.  So if someone knows a way
> to convert theora to dv out-of-the-box in fedora right now, I want to
> know how to do it.  Kino lets you add custom import scripts, so once
> we have a commandline way to do the conversion, kino gains it as an
> import method.
> -jef

Seems cool, one question though. Are you considering using the matroska
container for the videos available for download as well? I believe it is
superior to ogm/flv in many areas.

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