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Mark markg85 at
Mon Jan 28 13:45:40 UTC 2008

2008/1/28, David Nielsen <david at>:
> We have standards for quality of code, we do after all have to maintain
> it. It needs to work, it needs to not introduce bugs and so on. The two
> of us appear to have very little understanding for how programming and
> design works. Just because you can't see a change doesn't mean it's not
> important. gvfs e.g. plays an important part in making pretty much every
> feature Jakub listed work the right way.
> I would recommend that you actually examine the rationale behind
> something like gvfs, do some research. And please be respectful when
> asking questions.. don't start out by insulting the developers by saying
> what they are spending their time on is useless without understanding
> what it really is.
> - David Nielsen

Completely agreed on that one.
But i must add to it that gnome could just do some more things that
will be noticeable to there users. Lets sum up a few simple ones:
1. More general thumbnail support
2. Truncation of text below icons (lets say 2 lines MAX)
3. Easy to understand configuration and not moved over 2 different
applications (hinting to preferred applications)

And what has been done about those points?
1. i supplied a thumbnail patch a while back and it got modified and
than accepted. it's in gnome since 2.20 but the thumbnail look is
still the same! thumbnails are now (and always where) extremely big
compared to an icon. that should change. the default should be that a
thumbnail is the same size as an icon. Looks way better on my desktop

2. There is a bug report on gnome's bugzilla that's standing open
since about 2002 if i'm right to finally get that truncating in gnome.
they just keep popping up with excuses why they can't!! simply because
pango doesn't support it. and there is a bug report that is reporting
that one as well. Development is just going slow in that area.

3. I've recently installed the new nautilus (2.21.something) and that
one improved a lot in that area. But now they made the mistake to let
nautilus do the preferred applications which is fine when you use
nautilus. but lets say i want to use Dolphin as the file manager and
remove nautilus.. gone are the preferred applications and they won't
come back..

And so the list can grow and grow. Gnome is doing some awesome things
under the hood but not much that a normal user will notice, which is a
same. I'm using gnome BTW ^_^

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