new tshirts

Gerold gerold at
Wed Jan 30 14:50:15 UTC 2008

> Jiri Jakub Masek wrote:
>> Hi people, how many colors in design? It depends on technology used to
>> decorate t-shirt. So, what technology will be used?
> I imagine the intention is to produce quality stuff, so no inkjet
> printing. I believe the factory was not identified yet, so the details
> are not know, but probably a kind on screen printing (serigraphy)
> We have to keep the color count as low as possible, 1-2, but we may try
> an 3-4 color extravaganza.
what you're raising up is totally correct and may be a problem. If you
"design" a color like "we want to have the color XY" every producer tell
you: Oh we're sure we get it similar to that color but 100 pcs. with 100%
the same color is not guarenteed. We try to look using our dark and
lighter blue as well as "neutral" colors and defined applications on it
(like stitching or artwork) ...


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