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Re: [echo] system-software-installer draft

2008/7/2 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
> On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 18:20 -0400, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
>> Quoting Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
>> > New draft of system-software-installer icon. Comments welcome.
>> Not bad. I think we should go beyond optical media because there are other
>> medias like usb, SD card that can used for installation. Using metaphor like
>> arrow would be appropriate.
> Do you mean some simple arrow, like I used in the system-software-update48a.png
> [1] (btw. I mistakenly named the icon in thread subject as
> preferences-system-update), or do you have in mind something more complex?
> As for the package+CD/DVD metaphor - I think it's so widely used that it
> wouldn't hurt to use it in Echo as well ;-)

You or martin really need to explain why that shit color keeps being
used with software boxes...
take a look here:
NONE have that shit color.

And to be somewhat more modern i would go for a shape like this one:

And if you then still decide to use that shit color then use the real
cardboard one and not that over darkened one:

And besides that all the box is the deep. cut of 1/3 of it

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