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[Echo] plans for next releases ( and 0.3.3)


as you might know, we've recently published our first release on fedora
hosted (0.3.2) and I'll probably mark the update for F8/9 as stable
tomorrow or in Monday. Also being it first release of echo using the new
git layout + git branches, there are some little issues which I'll
address in - I forgot to include license file in the tarball
some of the icons that were supposed to be in (drive-*) were updated
only in master branch (future 0.4.x), so I'll add them as well. Also
0.3.x branch is "SVG disabled" one, so I'll probably remove the scalable
icons from the tarball, to keep it smaller.

That's for the next bugfix release and now for the next feature release.
I've decided that one of the most important places to create icons in
the menus for now are the System sub-menus, where there are many icons
using neither echo nor gnome style and some of them are even blurry. The
first step to achieve that goal is to fill in the gaps in System ->
Administration menu. This one also includes filling bugs, because many
of the system-config-* tools have either .png in the icon references or
whole path in their desktop file, which prevents us from effectively
theming their menu entries.

I've created a milestone [1] and relevant bugs (hopefully with all the
needed info) in the echo trac to keep track of the process.

Because many of the icons are using same names as the apps and it makes
sense to keep rather generic names for those, I provide assorted tables
here. First suggestions for icons that are already in the icon naming
specs [2]:

icon name                       tool            used in .desktop
preferences-desktop-locale      Language        Yes
printer                         Printing        Yes
security-high                   Root Password   No
system-software-update          Update System   Yes
video-display                   Display         No

and those for which I propose an icon name as well (none of which are
used in the .desktop files of relevant tools):

icon name                          tool
preferences-system-authentication  Authentication
preferences-system-bootloader      Bootloader
preferences-system-date            Date & Time
preferences-system-firewall        Firewall
preferences-system-users           Users and Groups
system-network-control             Network Device Control
system-software-install            Add/Remove Software
system-software-sources            Software Sources
utilities-lvm                      Logical Volume Management

Any comments, suggestions, objections?


[1] https://fedorahosted.org/echo-icon-theme/milestone/0.3.3

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