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A push for sources

Earlier, I was browsing through the pages for the Fedora 10 theme
proposals. Excellent work so far, guys! except...

Nearly every theme proposal doesn't have source SVGs or XCFs or whatever
for their theme.

Let me reiterate that.

 |                                       |
 |                                       |

I'm not taking this lightly, as you may be able to tell...

One of the major things about openly licensed artwork is that sources
are necessary so that people can wrangle your art into something else,
just like the availability of source code in a program allows for
modification and redistribution. Most of us understand that... I think.

In addition to sources, any instructions on producing something like
what you produced is also necessary. Like code without documentation,
it's extremely annoying to see this awesome work of art without any
knowledge of how it was done.

In addition, I highly doubt that a theme will make the final cut if
there aren't any sources for people to grok. ;)

Listed below are the proposals and proposers (FAS account names) who have
not provided sources for their work:

 | Proposal           | Proposers                |
 | bluefire           | mola                     |
 | Neon               | duffy, tw2113, ianweller |
 | WingAnatomy        | qaranthir                |
 | Eden               | jonrob                   |
 | InvinXble          | sstorari                 |
 | Solar              | sstorari                 |
 | liberaProgramaro   | klaatu                   |
 | simmetricalfreedom | razgrizbr                |

Yes, I realize one of the problem proposals has my name on it. I'm on
it, don't worry ;)

We prefer SVG the most, followed by XCF (GIMP). Any other sources for
different open source programs are also acceptable; let us know what
programs those are.

Thanks for your cooperation :)

Ian Weller <ianweller gmail com>                  http://ianweller.org
GnuPG fingerprint:  E51E 0517 7A92 70A2 4226  B050 87ED 7C97 EFA8 4A36
"Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet."
  ~ Douglas Adams

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