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[Nodoka GTK2 Engine] Gathering ideas for next release


I am thinking about improving the nodoka gtk engine looks in the next
release and adding some configuration options. Therefore I am asking
here, if you have ideas, requests, ... what I might implement. Today I
started sketching new nodoka gradient (used in e.g. buttons), which is
basically an evolvement of the current one which will be available as a
configuration option. Next things on the schedule are:

 * improvement of the check/radio button design
 * improvement of various arrows used in nodoka (e.g. in scrollbars,
menus or drop-down menus)
* improvement of handles design (I am satisfied neither with the circles
nor stripes)
 * improvement of design of combo of entries with buttons (combo box
entries, spin buttons, ...)
 * improvement of progress bar design (I see there a possibility for
usage of various designs, with a configuration option to choose)
 * improvement of focus rings design (it's part of some of the above
tasks as well)
 * possibly add some gradient to panel (I am still not sure, how to do
it right)

As you can see it's rather a lot of work, and thus there is a
possibility it will not be in Fedora 10, though certainly I make it in
time for Fedora 11 (I promise :-p).

And why I am writing this? Partly to write what I have in mind, but
mostly because I need your cooperation. So far I have in mind few ideas
how to achieve the above tasks, but I'd like to hear your ideas as well
- after all, Fedora Artwork is not done by one, but by many people, and
this is one of the vital parts of the Fedora Artwork.

I attach the first button redesign sketch ;-)

Once I gather enough ideas I'll put them on wiki, so everyone could see
and comment on the "official" next version design ;-)

Comments welcome, tear me to pieces :-D


PS: I'll most likely be the one doing the coding, but feel free to
suggest whatever you have in mind, as long as there are no "colour
jumps" (the glass effects present e.g. in Murrine). I'd like Nodoka to
be built up mostly on using gradients and simple shadows and it would be
great if it was different from the other engines not only by it's
configurability but also by it's looks.

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