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Re: [Ambassadors] EUROPE: CDs, Shirts and Stickers

> Max Spevack wrote:
>> On Thu, 24 Jul 2008, Paul W. Frields wrote:
>>>> What do you say?  Do you have any problem with us producing a bunch
>>>> of the "I *heart* Fedora" tshirts?
>>>> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Artwork_T(2d)Shirt_tshirt_love.png
>>> Fedora EMEA e.V. is producing these shirts, correct?  They have a
>>> trademark licensing agreement.
>>> The T-shirt shown doesn't have our official logo on it, but I think
>>> there ought to be one -- a small one on the upper back, or on one
>>> sleeve.  That helps to keep the brand identification even though the
>>> front has a completely different presentation of the word "fedora."
>>> I think that single change would be sufficient for me to say, "Go for
>>> it!".
>> Sounds good.  What do you think, Art Team?  Any chance you guys can whip
>> that up for us?
> If I understand Paul's request correctly, the requirement is to have
> this very logo http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Logo_fedoralogo.png
> on the sleeve (I think I would like it better this way, just like the
> sleeve of the polo shirt, only without the "ambassador" word and with
> blue text - [1]) or on the back.
Blue text? No; I think Paul want's to have the last (heart) one modified
with the "official Logo" (and afai understood _ONLY_ the logo [somewhere])
on the shirt ..

> Just applying the logo (I believe Fedora EMEA e.V. already has the
> source for it) at a certain size (larger for the back, smaller for the
> sleeve).
Fedora EMEA e.V. has only a trademark licensing agreement and prodcued
Stitch cards for producing the "Ambassador Polo Shirt" many, many European
Ambassadors are wearing at several events like FOSDEM, Linuxtag and it is
also gone to the US with paul, Max, Mike McGrath and Tom "Spot"

> Now for the *real* question: when and where can I buy one of these?
Nicu, it'll be a pleasure for the EMEA e.V. to organise with the next
order we will realize ONE for you; ...
But we need to collect orders because otherwise the shipping and handling
costs for a single one is too high. I think we will try to collect for the
next event to order again a bunch of (between 30 to 50 pcs.); Sounds that
good for you?



> [1] -
> http://clunixchit.blogspot.com/2007/01/fedora-ambassadors-polo-shirts.html
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