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Re: FUDCon Brno tshirts

Max Spevack wrote:

I did a search on images.google.com and flickr for Brno, and there are several skyline pictures similar to the one used for Boston. If any of them inspire you, I am happy to send some emails to the creators to ask for permission to use them in our design.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/melinda_brink/2541502320/  <-- really nice

A *very quick* image based on the photo above (it may get much better like by removing the trees). IANAL, but I am not sure about the need of permission for such use... but *I bet* we can find comparable photos with a suitable license (CC-BY-SA, PD) of something which will look the same to an untrained eye (not necessarily from Brno).

BTW, the Red Hat people in Brno do not have cameras? No one of them with photography as a hobby? I am sure they are geeks enough and we'll find a right one.

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PNG image

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