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Re: Poster revision

Paul W. Frields wrote:
The Marketing team has been discussing how we can organize our future
Fedora messaging around the "4 Foundations" theme (freedom, friends,
features, first).  I think people here already know these terms from
elsewhere[1], so I won't belabor the point. :-)

Ahhh the f-f-f-f reminds me of the old McDonald's campaign - food, folks, and fun! food folks and fun! You know the one, McDonald's, for food, folks, and fun!!!

(now that's stuck in my head, arghhhhhh)

"Freedom, friends, and fun! You know the one, Fedora..." ././   ././

So, I'm asking if the Artwork team can create new poster artwork around
the "4 Foundations," to spread this new message as effectively as the
one you helped build around our logo.  I've put this on the design
queue[3] as well.

I'm wondering if this could be tied into the F10 artwork theme.... I've been sketching up some steampunky doodles lately. Maybe I'll do some along these lines. Here are some steampunk-inspired ideas:

- person strapped to a Wright-Brothers-esque flying contraption (flight is usually associated with freedom... or maybe a steampunky blimp/zeppelin ride with a crowd of steampunky people together waving on the balcony, you also get the community aspect there) - a steamboat floating down a wide river towards a rising sun on the horizon (open spaces, sun coming up, flowing water can all symbolize great potential and/or freedom, I think)

- steampunky sailors toasting on deck, their pewter mugs of grog clanking together - maybe a silly idea, but a group of victorian/steampunky clad women in a circle, each knitting a piece together. Maybe what they're knitting is a Fedora flag? - Or maybe a few steampunky people sitting at a steampunky piano playing piano together? (collaboration!)

- a steampunky rube goldberg machine? (but maybe that gives a false impression that we overengineer!) - a clockmaker with wearing those funky spectacles working on the gears inside a pocket watch (could represent infinity also, if you draw the gears right)
  - old-style movie camera projecting onto a wall, 3... 2... 1.... fedora!

  - a steampunky astronaut putting a Fedora flag on the moon?
- a steampunky rail-cart (eg http://www.die-cast-toys.com/plastic-soldiers/swoppets/railcart.jpg) race with the coolest-looking rail-cart driver clearly in first place (maybe he has a Fedora logo on him somewhere or somehow represents Fedora; maybe he has a more interesting wardrobe than the rest so he stands out)
  - or maybe a steamboat race instead of a railcart race :)


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