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Re: Poster revision

Máirín Duffy wrote:

I'm wondering if this could be tied into the F10 artwork theme.... I've been sketching up some steampunky doodles lately. Maybe I'll do some along these lines. Here are some steampunk-inspired ideas:

Those ideas are just awesome, I like a lot the way you are thinking. However, not sure how practical: they are the opposite of the I/F/V posters, which aimed for simplicity. I for one have doubts I could draw myself such images. But you are better at drawing than me.

- person strapped to a Wright-Brothers-esque flying contraption (flight is usually associated with freedom... or maybe a steampunky blimp/zeppelin ride with a crowd of steampunky people together waving on the balcony, you also get the community aspect there)

I think I like better the blimp take, only careful to not be to much like the F7 balloon (and not too much like the mozillaZine blimp).

- a steamboat floating down a wide river towards a rising sun on the horizon (open spaces, sun coming up, flowing water can all symbolize great potential and/or freedom, I think)

The steamboat is fading into the sunset, just like a movie ending "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- steampunky sailors toasting on deck, their pewter mugs of grog clanking together

I like the sailors take and we can say Fedora is Free as in Freedom but also free as in free grog.

- maybe a silly idea, but a group of victorian/steampunky clad women in a circle, each knitting a piece together. Maybe what they're knitting is a Fedora flag?

And nobody can accuse us that Fedora is a community unfriendly for women :p

- Or maybe a few steampunky people sitting at a steampunky piano playing piano together? (collaboration!)

- a steampunky rube goldberg machine? (but maybe that gives a false impression that we overengineer!)

It does not need to necessarily be a rube goldberg machine ("a deliberately overengineered apparatus that performs a very simple task in very indirect and convoluted fashion" - wikipedia), only a very complex apparatus (leaving alone the part about the simple task). Maybe include a hamster wheel into the device, just for fun.

- a clockmaker with wearing those funky spectacles working on the gears inside a pocket watch (could represent infinity also, if you draw the gears right)

To simplify the drawing, the clockmaker can be seen from the back, leaning over the device: we see only the back of his head, part of the hands and part of the device.

  - old-style movie camera projecting onto a wall, 3... 2... 1.... fedora!

  - a steampunky astronaut putting a Fedora flag on the moon?

A good reference could be http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/From_the_Earth_to_the_Moon (which does not involve the landing but is close).

- a steampunky rail-cart (eg http://www.die-cast-toys.com/plastic-soldiers/swoppets/railcart.jpg) race with the coolest-looking rail-cart driver clearly in first place (maybe he has a Fedora logo on him somewhere or somehow represents Fedora; maybe he has a more interesting wardrobe than the rest so he stands out)
  - or maybe a steamboat race instead of a railcart race :)

I think one of those (rail-cart or boat) can work. Maybe use the boat if we also used a boat for freedom and sailors for friendship.

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