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Re: FUDCon Brno tshirts

Hey Nicu!

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Guys, I need a bit of feedback about the design attached, I got an usable photo and made something with it.

Very very cool!

The question: is good enough the image as it, automatically traced with Inkscape or should I go to the more laborious way of manually tracing it (basically redraw the image using the photo as reference, but in a much simplified/stylized form).

Here's my thoughts:

- I don't think you need to trace, but there is a bit of noise in the Inkscape automatic trace. The way I got rid of this when doing the FUDcon Boston design (my first tries had the same noise) was to boost the contrast of the image in the Gimp first; I think I fiddled with the levels a bit, then duplicated the original layer on top of itself with one of the layer blending modes (I don't remember which one; I just kept playing). If there were some fine details I knew wouldn't come out in the final trace I doctored them out manually with a dark brush! :)

- After the Gimp doctoring was done, I tried the Inkscape auto-trace again. It still came out with a few little artifacts/noise, so what I did there is touch the trace with the node select tool, and shift+lassoed and shift+clicked around to try to sweep them up and then deleted them. I did this a lot along the bottom to clear out a natural-looking solid background for the 'BOSTON 2008' text. E.g., that building in the bottom right (and I think there's a waterfall there too?) that is cut off, I'd do some clever selection with the node tool on those nodes and just wipe them completely as if that building wasn't there.

- I'd enlarge the font size in 'BRNO 2008' so there isn't as much of a wide kerning between the letters. It may need to be kerned more loosely than the 'BOSTON 2008' one, but right now I think it's too loose to 'match' the 'BOSTON 2008' one, especially in the '2008' letters.

Hope this helps! I really like this design so far!


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