Introductions are stupid. Let artwork speak for artist?

Frank Murphy frankly3d at
Mon Jun 9 09:27:29 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 11:55 +0300, Pavel Shevchuk wrote:
> Sorry for being cheeky asshole, but #2 in
> should be removed,
> or at least swapped with #3. What's the ratio of people who send
> introduction letters, and artists who actually contribute something,
> or at least try hard?

This is Open to correction: but I think it's on the wiki somwhere, that
those without oss skills could\would\should be mentored.

> I didn't send any introduction letters, i just spent an evening
> animating splash with my curly hands and sub-zero (not to be confused
> with "cool") gimp skillz, and second revision of it now welcomes kde4
> users in sulphur, right after kdm theme, i've hacked up a bit later
> with help of Martin. Contributing to fedora is easy, joining IRC to
> show off some drafts or concepts and receive critics is even easier.
> I'm pretty sure people who really want to contribute can do it without
> loudmouth letters, bringing some artwork instead.

As a recent lister, there should be a welcome for those who have at
least got the courage to intro themselves. As it is hard to provide an
example created with the programs, unless one asks for the help
\knowledge to do so. There are a myriad of artists out there,
who maybe just need that bit of encouragement to take up the oss
armour (no pun Nico), and a "get on with it", in this case may not be
the best approach. 

Currently am printing out the "inkscape manual" by Tavmjong Bah,
am getting there, but it's a slow road for me, I sleep a lot

Even a weak bulb may help the overall neon lighting.


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