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Re: [Echo] Multimedia-burner icon set draft

Martin Sourada a écrit :
> On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 14:14 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
>> system-lock-screen should not be hard to do. We can use your monitor
>> icon and put the locker on screen. system-log-out is a bit tricky
>> considering the analogy.
> Don't forget that the system-lock-screen is action icon, so we'll need
> to redo the monitor in proper perspective, but yeah, it should be a
> rather easy one. As for system log out - either consider expanding the
> current one to all sizes or use the gnome-icon-theme metaphor (similar
> to that used on emergency exits signs).
Let's focus on the existing icon.
> BTW. I've committed system-file-manager to 0.3.x branch as well and
> added a bunch of new symlinks (copied over from the installed Rawhide
> rpm I've built today). Just a side note, the new icons look great in the
> menus (and they really do fit beautifully with the other "new" echo
> icons like 'folder' or icons in the first level Applications menu),
> though the system-file-manager might be better off with more contrast
> (perhaps using lighter fills), but it's not a show-stopper, the current
> one works great too :)
We will let new contributors doing that exercises. =)
> I hope to have more spare time to work on the echo icons during the
> summer vacation so that we can make it in time for F-10 :-) Also, the
> recent icons feel really great and are made in the very style I'd like
> every Echo icon to have when we finally release version 1.0 (rather
> distant future now...) - modern, 3Dish look, vibrant colours, subtle
> gradients, good usability,... It feels like the real work on Echo is
> just starting :-D
> And of course, when we finish some decent set of how-to's and tutorials,
> we need to start some real recruiting campaign (on the fedora websites,
> on our blogs, on the mailing list, in fedoraforum, ...) ;-)
And make the current trac page more elegant. I also made a quick draft about
echo-icon-theme logo.


PNG image


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