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Re: kids spin

Arnav Kalra wrote:
no, we can just copy the drawing in CC format and put a funky fedora logo in the background

When replying to a mailing list, please quote the message you are replying to, so we can understand the context (proper use of threads would be also useful, but this may be Gmail's fault).

So *I guess* you are replying to Mo and are talking about the Firefox cartoon. If this is the case and the cartoon is Foxkeh (http://www.foxkeh.com/), then we may be out of look, it is licensed under a CC-NC (non-commercial) licensee, making it unusable by us.

I will get in more detail about CC licenses: not all CreativeCommons are equal, some are Free and can be used by us (CC-BY, CC-BY-SA) but some are restricted or plain proprietary (NC and ND), something we can't use. Seeing on a website a notice like "some contents are licensed under the Creative Commons" is not enough, you have to to more research about which kind of CreativeCommons license is used.

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