Waves Grub Artwork

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 11 12:22:29 UTC 2008

Nicu Buculei wrote:
> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>> I came up with the attached after a couple days' work. Let me know 
>> what you think! I attached the artwork as well as the xpm.gz. Copy it 
>> over to /boot/grub and rename it splash.xpm.gz (back up yer old one if 
>> you want) and reboot to check it out in action.
> You wanted a less blue, grayish background. This splash is you moving
> from gray to more blue or is a blue grub splash and a gray desktop
> wallpaper.

Yeah. :( Let me explain why - we're kind of going with a slightly 
blue-tinted water color in the latest wallpapers. So I tried to match 
that. However, the more grey + blue I have, the worse the color indexing 
comes out, so after much trial and error I kept getting closer and 
closer and ended up with a very Fedora 3-esque blue bcakground - it's 
closer to the logo colors so it limits the color palette making the 
index image a bit smoother. :( What do you recommend?
>> One thing to note, I did this by indexing the inkscape-exported 
>> full-color artwork in the gimp, and indexing down to 14 colors. That 
>> was it. I remember in the past having to add black and white to 
>> colormap slots 0 and 1 respectively, but grub seemed to not like that 
>> this time. If you just use the 14 color pixmap, grub seems to deal 
>> with it just fine.
> Looking at the image I felt the urge to play with it :p Namely to try a 
> version where the logo and the waves are not centered, however I have a 
> problem: dithering. Which dithering method have you used?

I used Floyd-Steinberg (reduced color bleeding). I had to do a little 
bit of manual tweaking in the center around the logo - maybe 20 pixels 
replaced where way too bright pixels had shown up. I also did the 'TM' 
letters manually so they'd be crisp and readabe.

> Everything I try with GIMP does not match your result, even starting 
> from your original SVG (I get some ugly artifacts which I could clean 
> manually, but I don't think you did so). So what dithering method have 
> you used?

Yep, I did!! I cheated :)
> I recently changed my monitor and went from 4:3 to widescreen. I know we 
> have here some hard limitation with the current version of GRUB and the 
> splash *must* be 640x480 (GRUB 2, which may be the solution, is still 
> away from us) *but* the logo looks ugly, it is deformed (we can't avoid 
> this, on that resolution on a widescreen the pixels are not square).
> I think we can try a workaround: just not use the bubble logo, maybe put 
> just a sulfur crystal and leave it as that, unbranded (hoping the 
> deformation on the crystal is less noticeable).
> Or is the corner case of GRUB on widescreen display shown only for a 
> couple of seconds when nobody is looking anyway too narrow and we can 
> live with a deformed logo?

You know, that is why I went with the 'fedora' logotype only in the F8 
artwork and not the Fedora infinity logo. I did that one on my 
widescreen monitor. I did this one on my normal 1024x768 monitor. ;)

It definitely seems a good idea to try it with just the sulphur crystal. 
Grub should always say 'Fedora' in the kernel lines text above anyway so 
it should be clear that this is Fedora.


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