Applying to the Art group in the Accounts System

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Wed Mar 12 17:19:33 UTC 2008

2008/3/12 Frank Murphy <frankly3d at>:
>  At  the moment, would fail the test, as am not up the speed with the F8
>  graphics apps, was reared in the other "county", the closed one.

I think that's exactly the point.  Using a minor design task as a way
to mentor a new person in how to do things. Once you make it through
the task you get rewarded with art group membership and the
infrastructure access that comes with it.  If you don't have the
skills necessary, then its a training opportunity.

Its a parallel with how our packaging contributor access works.  You
don't get cvs write access until you've gone through a package
submission and review process to make sure you are doing things the
right way.

Máirín would need to flush out the idea a little more and create a
typical workflow for joining.
Here's my suggested strawman.

0) A recruit would need to affirmatively 'sign-out' a task with a
deadline for completion.
   So noone else is working on it.

1) Possibly assign an Art team mentor to them.

2) And then the recruit communicate on the list for help doing things
and showing drafts for feedback.  If there is a mentor, the mentor
helps them with things like getting use to the new toolset. But its
not meant to be a hand-holding role.

3) If the deadline comes and the don't have a finished item, the art
team (or an assigned mentor) decides to extend the deadline or not
based on the person's progress.

4) if the deadline is extended repeat 2 and 3 until some maximum time.
 You need a maximum time so that this one item doesn't get stuck in
the que forever.

5) if the maximum time for the age of the item is reached then the
sponsor needs to do the task.

6) if the deadline isn't extended the item goes back at the head of the que.


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