brainstorm: which sulphur variation?

Ian Weller ianweller at
Mon Mar 17 16:52:15 UTC 2008

On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> I think standardization is good.
> I like *a lot* the combination of logo and crystals from the Firstboot 
> image but I also know we don't want logos on the desktop wallpaper, so 
> it won't be used there.
> The RHGB screen is all blue, a bit of monotone, a bit of color (a yellow 
> crystal. with or without logo, with or without flame) would make it more 
> vivid.
So should we keep the current sulphur configuration on the desktops, and
have the sulphur "archipelago" with the logo when we want the logo?  I
also don't think it should necessarily be burning, since the Fedora logo
is in the way, and we should probably not be setting Fedora on fire.  :/

I personally think that everything we can put the logo on without it
being stretched, or being a desktop picture, should have the

Of course, these concepts slap standardization in the face a little bit,
but it's more than it currently is... -- ian

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