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art team status

Hi folks,

I've had some things on my mind and I wanted to share them with you I guess as a sort of status report:

1) F9 default theme

The final deadline was last Thursday and it seems Waves is closer to the requirements than Shoowa, so it seems fair to give Waves the nod. Is this okay? We definitely have some gaps to fill; I think the two major ones right now is the anaconda banner and the GNOME and KDE splashes. Ian has been doing some great work with the various time-of-day wallpapers; a little more tweaking and they'll be ready for the release candidate.

When the release candidate comes out, we should make an effort to get feedback about it to make any final needed tweaks for the final release.

2) Granting art group access in the account system

It seems we all agree that the proposed requirements for gaining art group access in the account system are fair, so what I'd like to do is rewrite the joining the fedora art team section of our main wiki page, and then start going through the current art group members list, contacting folks, and deleting the accounts of those who don't respond within let's say two weeks and those who indicate they are no longer interested in contributing to the team. If you'd like to help with this let me know!

3) Painless Releases Meeting

Various team leads are meeting today to discuss improving our release plans / communication to make each Fedora release as painless as possible, and I'm representing the art team at this meeting. If you have particular concerns I can make sure to bring them up; I guess I should have brought the meeting up earlier (sorry :(). Let me know anyway and I will make sure they are heard. One thing I am going to suggest is that we decide on a codename for the next release a little bit earlier; the 'sulphur' codename was decided after we had already reached round 2 of our theme process.

4) F9 Beta Banner

We'll need this by tomorrow. I'm thinking of maybe just grabbing the alpha banner, replacing alpha with beta, and coloring the background more blue. If anyone else wants to take this item and be a bit more creative with it, please feel free though!

5) Linux action podcast interview

The Linux action podcast folks approached me yesterday and asked if I would be willing to interview with them about the F9 artwork. (these are the guys that reviewed f8's artwork by saying it was 'ugly ugly ugly') I agreed so the interview is going to take place today. I'll let you know how it goes (although I will admit I really do not have a good feeling about it.)

Let me know if you have anything to add.


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