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Pavel Shevchuk stlwrt at
Thu May 1 20:50:06 UTC 2008

Will this one fit, or you need bigger?

On 4/30/08, Michael Beckwith <michael.d.beckwith at> wrote:
> I just had this little crazy idea based on my liking to see what people look
> like when I work with them. I was wondering if I could have permission to
> create a group photo of all the active members of the art team. It'd be a
> simple case of sending a preferred photo of yourself to me, and I'll create
> a composite of them all in The Gimp. Sort of like a "Meet your F9/F10 Fedora
> artists" thing.
>  If you really prefer, you can opt out, but I think it'd be fun for
> everyone, as well as put names to faces.
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>  ~Michael
> (for now)
> (eventually)
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