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Mon May 12 07:12:44 UTC 2008

/Pro. wrote:
> Hi Everyone,


> Name : Prosenjit Biswas.
> Location: Kolkata, India.
> Profession: Consultant
> IRC NIck: prosenji (freenode)


> I am interested to contribute to the Fedora project so that new and 
> veteran Fedora users get overall better experience. I hope to contribute 
> to this by creating new art work. I have done some fine arts course at 
> my school age and I love to design/draw new things till today.
> Working as an IT consultant, have strong background in project 
> management and consultancy. I am pretty advanced computer skills wise. 
>  I feel I have a broad knowledge of computers in general and also quick 
> to pick up new things.

How about the graphic applications included in Fedora?

> I am familiar with Red Hat/fedora and would like to give back to the 
> community. I look forward to learning what you guys do so that I can 
> also contribute. I know I can contribute to the art work and anything 
> else I can help out with is also great.

Which are your area of interest in graphics? Do you have any work 
published online?

I think you already know about the DesignService queue from my previous 

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