Mist and gnome-icon-theme plans for GNOME 2.24/Fedora 10

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Wed May 14 12:03:02 UTC 2008

Hi all!
I thought I should share some of the plans for Mist and gnome-icon-theme 
(witch makes up for a big porportion of the icons used on Fedora).

• King Size - Even though 48x48 px canvas currently works well on the 
desktop for most people, there is a tendency to move towards higher 
resolution screens. There are also emerging projects such as GnomeDO and 
Elisa that require larger sized icons. Therefore we recently started 
experimenting with Large sized (256x256) icons for the most common 
icons. Lapo Calamandrei and Jakub Steiner will be taking care of the 
bits in gnome-icon-theme and I'll be fixing the ones in Mist. Help is 
greatly needed in this area.
• Dropping icon-naming-utils - We're looking into dropping the 
dependency on icon-naming-utils sometime in the foreseeable future. This 
requires changes to the applications to use icon-naming-spec names, 
therefore icon-naming-utils is disabled during the unstable release 
(2.23) of GNOME so we can hunt those issues down.
• Moving to one canvas per icon - We want to move all the sizes of a 
icon into one canvas and have a script split them up during installation 
of the theme to their respective folders. This will hopefully make the 
icons easier to maintain.
• Emblems - A lot of the emblems are still using the old GNOME style and 
only comes in one size. Kalle Persson is working on updated emblems.
• As usual we will also fix icon bugs in individual applications. Last 
cycle we did a lot of work on Firefox3, Evolution and Banshee as well as 
a lot of other applications. We're currently looking into Seahorse, 
Hugin, Abiword and whatever pops up along the road.

Help is always needed and highly appreciated ,especially with tracking 
down and fixing ugly application in the menus. You can catch me in 
#fedora-art most of the time if you have any questions.
- Andreas

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