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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Wed May 28 05:43:17 UTC 2008

Adam Sobotka wrote:
> Ok, I know deviantart, that's a cool site I loved in my photo era (btw, 
> your fedora flower photo is really good). I know even mugshot, but 
> purpose of these sites are different.
> Most of us are IT profesionals and this site is about connecting sharks 
> in these waters. is good enough to be here and have fedora in 
> tag, just to let others know that we belief in fedora future (this might 
> be touchy subject, I am for example mostly paid by other side).
> But there is another create group in there and make even more 
> visibility to our case. This should...or better say I hope this 
> should... drive more people in project. As I said before...I love Art 
> group results, but even very good can be even better.

There is a general Fedora group there, even if it has only a few members 
so far (not sure the link works without login:, 
you could join that group.
A special group for Fedora *Art* would make sense either if the team 
grows very large or we can draw additional benefits from having a group.

Also, for more effective LinkedIn usage, you can add for yourself a 
position as Fedora contributor (after you feel comfortable calling 
yourself "contributor") and then will see the opportunity to connect 
with a lot of other Fedora contributors.

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