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Adam Sobotka vorcigernix at
Fri May 30 07:10:45 UTC 2008

1] Most standard. That's a hard to say..what I meant is that standard icon
set should be near tango, at least with isometry. I remember how confusing
was my experiments with ubuntu, until I applied tango icon scheme which is
similar on all distros. That doesn't mean that I don't like echo or human
icon schemes, it's a great to have an option...but in default there should
be flat, tango like icons. Just my toughts.
2] I found ugly thread aboud codename and found that codename was already
defined "to have something common with werewolf and sulphur".
You know..I work in company which is enterprise-like (in EU measures).
Codenames of products are part of marketing..they can attract future
customers. I think "let's find some cool name for our community" approach I
feel from posts is bad. If we are about to help normal people choose right
system for them, we have to do it in clasic free market strategy:grow or
die. And, if we want to grow ..there is only one market full of
competetitors (and some of them are using really hard marketing tricks on
daily fashion). Stain on theory is that 28th October is birthdate of Bill
Gates and day of "March on Rome"...altough...I would definitely like "Gates"
codename for f10 :-)
Or..let desktops to windows and ubuntu and make fedora for fedora direct
community. I helped community in very little it's up to you, real
contributors, to decide.
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