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Re: Fedora 10 countdown banner

Please see my answers below.

DarkPark wrote:
Hello Nicu.

Hi Stanislav,

I'm a newbie here so don't actually know to whom I should write it,
moreover should I even mention this :)

The mailing list where the message you are replying was posted to is a
good place. We work in the open. And your bug report should in the end get
to the banner's author, Paolo, who *is* subscribed to the list.
I see

I just would like to notice that the number 20 in this
fedora10-countdown-banner.svg banner isn't aligned with "arriving in ...

I am sorry, I can't test it for the moment in Inkscape and with
MgOpen-Modata, I am stuck with Firefox and wrong fonts, where it does look
broken, are sure you are using the right fonts?
can't be sure about the fonts
they were taken from here http://www.ellak.gr/fonts/mgopen/index.en.html so seems okay
I guess the cause may be in the OS Windows I have to use. Will recheck it later on Fedora.

There is also not enough space for "coming soon" text.

The problem is because in other languages this string is wider?
can't say for sure :/


Paolo Leoni wrote:
With the great help of Mo, I've made another version of Fedora
banner with horizontal layout.

This is the link to the source:

Paolo, can you upload the final design (along with the source) to the
wiki? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/PromoBanners

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