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CD faces

A few folks in Ambassadors were asking about Fedora 10 CD artwork so I
wanted to make sure that the Artwork team was aware of it.

I know we settled last release on a more generic, flat, two-color
version of the CD face, specifically, that would lower production
costs, provide better printed results, and cut down on extra work each
release.  So I have two requests for that face design that aren't
really design-queue requests, they're fairly minimal:

* Did anyone have the design from F9 available that they could post on
  the wiki at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/MediaArt ?

* Can someone change the F9 CD face design for F10 and post that too?

Then I have one more question about the media sleeve artwork.  Has the
Artwork team approved final artwork for the CD/DVD packs?  I've seen
the latest draft and it looks like we're either there, or nearly
there, but I don't remember seeing a declaration from the Artwork team
saying, "This is the approved design, and go <HERE> to find it on our
official wiki space."


As I recall there was still an issue about what the actual text should
say, "x86" or "PC-compatible".  If the Artwork team wants to decide
that from a design/usability perspective, that would be fine.

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